What the Apple Watch can do for your health

Last week Apple presented the brand new Apple Watch. A sleekly designed watch that opens up a world of new possibilities for us. The Apple Watch and health go hand in hand. That is clear. The stylish smartwatch is equipped with various sensors that monitor your movements and heart rate. In addition, Apple is launching the Health app in iOS 8, which will be launched simultaneously with the iPhone 6. The Apple Watch will communicate with the Health App to exchange data about your health.

What the Apple Watch and the Health app can do for your health?

The Apple Health App and the Apple Watch can primarily stimulate, motivate and provide you with the data you need to make the right health decisions. Ultimately you will have to do it yourself, but these tools can help you on your way. This way, the Apple Watch can advise you about the movement you need, but also which goals are realistic for you. It seems to be a self-learning system that adjusts advice to your personal rhythm and performance.

These are the basic options, but the first (app) developers are already busy expanding the options. So what the Apple Watch can do as soon as it is launched is still waiting.

Buy Apple Watch?

You have to be patient. The Apple Watch will only be available in stores at the beginning of 2015 (from € 349). Until then you will have to linger on this video below. As soon as the Apple Watch comes out, we will certainly try to get one so that we can review it … for you of course