How you get fat from so-called healthy food

Try to eat healthy and still get fatter? That is the reality for many people, without actually realizing it. Does this look familiar? And are you doing your best to eat healthily? Then there is a good chance that you will not eat as healthy as you think!

Discover in this article how it is that some unhealthy food is nevertheless seen as healthy food and how you can recognize real healthy food.

The entry of so-called ‘healthy food’ to lose weight

Did you know that snacks and snacks didn’t even exist in the past? The food industry found a way around the 1950s to get people to eat between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. This was literally a gap in the market.

All kinds of food items were developed such as sweets, cakes, chocolate bars and chips. These were of course intended to fill that gap between the 3 meals. The logical consequence soon became visible. People became fatter from that moment on! This had one simple explanation:

People started to eat more calories than they burn.

It was soon realized that more and more pounds were gaining, so the food industry came up with a solution in the 1970s. Namely the banning of fat from as much food as possible, because fat was seen as the major culprit of being overweight.

You might think that that was a smart action. Yet the result was that more people became fat. In retrospect, this too has a logical explanation. People assumed that you could not get fat from a low-fat diet.

The food industry therefore came with low-fat snacks and snacks that still tasted just as tasty as before. Even now people kept getting fatter, because there were also many unhealthy calories in these snacks and snacks. Low-fat products are full of sugars and other thickening or addictive substances, which actually made the food industry the problem of obesity worse.

This phenomenon can still be seen today, but in a more modern form.

Which so-called healthy diet makes you fat?

There are many misconceptions about what is now healthy food (and drink). It is generally assumed that fruit juice from a pack, bread or margarine is healthy. Unfortunately, nothing is less true. 
The food industry has made you think of this with their marketing strategies in order to be able to sell even more and to respond to the needs of the people, namely to be able to eat and drink in a tasty and healthy way.

How can I still recognize so-called healthy food?

In addition to bread, fruit juice from pack and margarine, there are many more of these so-called healthy foods for sale. These are foods with cries on the labels such as:

• 0% fat 
• Conscious choice 
• No added sugars 
• Light 
• Dietary product

These are the main culprits of this time and in most cases do not help you lose weight. Have you ever wondered why they put these cries on these foods? They want you to believe that their products are not that bad, so you still buy them. But somewhere most people know that if the food product were really that healthy, the food industry would not have to put anything on these foods.

What is real healthy food?

To be sure that you are dealing with real healthy food, you can ask yourself one thing, namely:

Is there a barcode on it?

If the answer to this is a ‘no’, then the chances are that this food is very healthy. Of course this does not apply to all products, but most of them certainly. If there is a barcode or label on it, read it carefully if you want to know for sure if it is healthy. Then use the rule, the fewer ingredients there are in a product, the healthier the product is!

Do not forget that no matter how healthy certain types of food are, that does not mean that you can eat them indefinitely, because healthy eating can also lead to overeating and therefore becoming fat, although that is a lot more difficult. The only thing you can eat unlimited, always and everywhere is vegetables and then mainly leafy vegetables.

Even though it is difficult to choose and buy natural and healthy food because of all the temptations, as long as you learn enough about it, it will become increasingly easier and you can choose products that are really healthy for you.